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Faith is a commodity we always feel is lacking. Who among us feels he has “enough” faith? And yet, we all do. It takes faith to establish an atmosphere where our creativity can flourish. Take pen in hand and list five occasions in which you have demonstrated persistence. For example: 1. I went back to […]

The Silver Lining

“Gain disguised as loss” is a potent artist’s tool. To acquire it, simply, brutally, ask: “How can this loss serve me? Where does it point my work?” The answers will surprise and liberate you. The trick is to metabolize pain as energy. The key to doing that is to know, to trust, and to act […]

Outrunning your Censor

All of us have an inner Censor, that nasty voice that tries to discount what we are doing. A lot of times people think they can outsmart their censor, but that’s not my experience. My experience is that as you get smarter, your censor gets smarter. But what you can do is outrun your censor. […]

Sane and Happy

So much of being sane and happy begins with the doing of things that are sane and happy. This means that we must train ourselves to think small rather than large. We become frightened because we have “big decisions” to make. But big decisions can be made gently, a small step at a time. But […]

“Mourning” Pages

I sometimes think Morning Pages should be called “Mourning Pages.” “Julia, my pages are so negative,” some people say. With morning pages, we end our denial. If something is bothering us, we put it on the page. Often, many things are bothering us, and our pages seem filled with negatives. It’s important to note that […]

Q: What if my thoughts race faster than I can write them down?

Recently I had a student say, “My thoughts race faster than I can write them down. So I get frustrated and stop writing.” My answer: “Don’t stop.” I think it’s a common occurrence for the thoughts to race faster than the pen. And I think that you should keep writing Morning Pages. What you do […]

Cook Something

COOK SOMETHING an exercise Whether you consider yourself a gourmet chef or a total beginner in the kitchen, there is a recipe that you can make with your child. Choose something appropriate for both of you, then create your dish together, from shopping to cleanup. Allow your child to participate and be “in charge” of […]

Why Walk?

When I wrote The Artist’s Way, I got all the way to week twelve and said, P.S. Walk. I have been teaching now for twenty years since the publication of the book, and I now realize that there are three basic tools, not two, and they are Morning Pages, Artist Dates and Walks. I find […]

The Creativity Corner: from The Artist’s Way for Parents

When we provide our children with the tools and materials necessary to begin a project, we give them the freedom to begin making their own creative choices. Embarking on this journey, they are empowered to make something from nothing– to fill the blank canvas. The Creativity Corner, an exercise Create a “Creativity Corner” in your […]

Love in the DMZ

This month marks the release of my novella collection. I’m thrilled to share this work! Love in the DMZ represents writing at its most intimate. The stories of the book are told in lovers’ letters. It brings the reader a unique sense of secrecy, as if spying on the relationships at hand. For me as […]