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A flicker of interest

I write longhand. My hand seems to lead my thoughts. I could go faster by computer, but faster is not better. Writing by hand gives me depth. Writing by computer merely gives me speed. Just outside my writing room windows, a Northern Flicker lands on a bird feeder. A checkerboard bird with a red bib…it […]

It’s Raining Outside

The other day I was teaching my class in Santa Fe. It is an ongoing, twelve-week class, and over the course of the three months, I get to know my students well. One man in the front row had consistently talked about how the benefits of walking had helped him immensely. As the course progressed, […]

Rainy Santa Fe & poetry readings

Last night and this morning, it rained in Santa Fe. The pinons gave off a pungent aroma. People were giddy with delight; rain is rare here in the desert. Today is a red-letter day for another reason. Tonight at six o’clock, poet Brendan Constantine will be reading at The Collected Works bookstore. He is a […]