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Artistry Everywhere

I went to Wisconsin for my sister’s wedding. She looked radiant! A painter who supported herself and her horse farm off of her art, Libby’s artistry touched every aspect of her ceremony. The banister of the grand staircase by which she entered was swagged with silk flowers. Each place setting featured a poodle cookie and […]

Week 6: Let’s Talk About Money

Set aside fifteen minutes and write quickly about your feelings around money. How do you feel today about the state of your finances? How have you felt in the past? Don’t judge yourself. When you are done, take a twenty-minute walk to integrate what you have learned. Your insights may surprise you.

Week 6: Bring the Abundance of the Universe into Your Home

Fresh flowers help to remind us of the abundance of the Universe. Bring fresh flowers into your home today. You can buy them, pick them, arrange them…decide on a modest budget and treat yourself. This does not have to be expensive. Take the time and care to add beauty to your living environment and notice […]

Moody Blues

We often make the mistake of thinking that we “have” to be in the “right” mood to write. The truth is, any mood can be used for writing. Any mood is a good writing mood. The trick is to simply enter whatever mood like a room and sit down and write from there. Try this brief […]

Week 3 Task: Believing Mirrors

“Believing Mirrors” are people who mirror us back to ourselves as powerful, strong, and in our most positive light. Our Believing Mirrors are valuable people in our creative lives. Who are the Believing Mirrors in your life? Who can you be a Believing Mirror for? Take ten minutes and write on this topic. What did […]