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As we look for community, there are few people who are more valuable than mentors. I myself have– and have had– many mentors. Sister Julia Claire, my writing teacher from high school, is still a confidante and teacher of mine. Ninety-two years old, she is as sharp as ever, and can always be relied upon […]

Prosperity is Free

Setting aside your skepticism for a moment, make a list of ten actions you could take, right now, that you suspect might make you feel more prosperous– and that cost nothing. Example: 1. Taking a walk in nature 2. Going for a run and taking a long, hot shower afterward 3. Cooking soup using leftovers I […]

Begin Where You Are

The first step toward accomplishing any creative goal is always doable, and often simple. We assume that to make a movie we need to move to L.A., get an agent, attach a star, raise millions of dollars. But when we approach it this way, we are unlikely to begin at all. Each step seems impossible. […]

Affirmative Prayer

A prayer of gratitude is a prayer of celebration. We count our blessings. Rather than pray in entreaty, “Guide me and guard me,” we pray with conviction, “I am guided and guarded.” We do not need to beg for our good; we need only notice it, accept it and affirm it. We might pray, “Thank […]

Positivity vs Negativity

Listing the many ways that God has helped us to prosper leads to an ongoing belief in prosperity. Focusing on the positive, we come to expect further positives. Conversely, if we focus on the negative, we will find ourselves anticipating negativity. The choice is up to us which way we want to view our reality. […]

The Magic Number

A number isn’t magic. A number is just a number. However, we believe– with all of our beings– that a magic number exists, and that getting to it will solve all of our problems. “Once I have an income of two thousand dollars a week, everything will be okay,” we tell ourselves. Or, “Once I […]

Still Counting!

Counting, which is one of the bedrock tools of The Prosperous Heart, is very simple: record all money in and all money out. I keep a small notebook in my purse and I write down every penny. Coming back to this tool over and over, it is always helpful. Recently I found that it’s not […]


We can learn from our experiences– the traumatic ones as well as the joyful ones. We can learn to protect ourselves, to fill our lives with people whose values match our own, who bring compassion and humor and kindness with them, who accept our gifts in return. from The Prosperous Heart

God is Extravagant

What we really want to do is what we are really meant to do. When we do what we are meant to do, money comes to us, doors open for us, we feel useful, and the work we do feels like play to us. How do we get to this place? It begins with getting […]


One of the bedrock tools of The Prosperous Heart, my new course on money and prosperity, is a tool called Counting. Counting is very simple: record every penny in and every penny out. To begin, purchase a small notebook that you can carry with you everywhere— and every time you spend money– or earn money– […]