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When the student is ready…

It is an often repeated spiritual axiom that “when the student is ready, the teacher appears.” Over the years, I have heard many stories of miraculous intersections and meetings. The divine mind knows no distance. When we ask to be led, we are led. When we ask to be guided, we are guided. When we […]

Walking as Prayer

All large change is made through many small steps. Notice that word in there– “step.” Walking leads us a step at a time. Walking gives us a gentle path. We are talked to as we walk. We hear guidance. It comes from within us and from the world around us. Walking is a potent form […]

I Am Part of a Greater Whole and It Is a Part of Me

I open my mind and my heart to the plan of the service which yields joy for me and others. I accept my guidance and direction as they unfold within me. I undertake actions which empower and embody my guidance. I release others from my agendas, trusting completely that the perfect people and events arise […]