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The Artist’s Way Audiobook

It is with great delight that I announce the arrival of The Artist's Way on audio. It allows for multitasking: one can listen and cook, listen and pack, listen and do almost anything while the silken narrative unspools. The audiobook brings an experience of wisdom: we are taught, and we learn, through sound. 
I recently wrote a book, The Listening Path, on the importance of listening. Listening to the narrative of The Artist's Way, we take a journey. We are provoked to deeper and more fruitful thoughts on creativity. As we follow the reader's train of thought, we are led in fresh and interesting directions. Acute listening casts us into the "now." We are rewarded for our attention by heightened awareness.
The Artist's Way becomes a surefooted path. Its thoughts echo in our consciousness. We are well and carefully led. 

The Artist's Way 25th Anniversary Edition (Audiobook image)
The Artist's Way 25th Anniversary Edition (Audiobook image)