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Julia Cameron in Live Online on te%

The Artist’s Way Audiobook

The Artist's Way 25th Anniversary Edition (Audiobook image)

It is with great delight that I announce the arrival of The Artist’s Way on audio. It allows for multitasking: one can listen and cook, listen and pack, listen and do almost anything while the silken narrative unspools. The audiobook brings an experience of wisdom: we are taught, and we learn, through sound. I recently wrote […]

The Power of Creativity in the time of the Coronavirus

The tools of The Artist’s Way, which have been working for several decades in “regular times,” are also tools that will work for us in our current, “irregular” times. The tools are aimed at unlocking creativity. They give us a sense of optimism, they give us a sense of adventure, and they help to fight […]

Creativity does not have to be “high art.”

To be an artist you must learn to let yourself be. Stop getting better. Start appreciating what you are. Do something that simply delights you for no apparent reason. Give in to a little temptation, poke into a strange doorway, buy the weird scrap of silk in a color you never wear. Make it an […]

FAQs: An Interview with Julia

– What made you write The Artist’s Way? JC: I had a profound desire to help other people. I shared the tools from my own spiritual practice. – Is this book meant for all artists? JC: I believe the tools of The Artist’s Way will help all artists, whether they are just beginning or much […]

The Inner Censor

THE INNER CENSOR During our work lives, we customarily received criticism from our bosses and sometimes our colleagues. Many of us endured yearly or quarterly reviews, and we took in their frequent negativity as part of our job. Retired, we find ourselves continuing to receive negative feedback, but instead of coming from our employer, it […]

Art Is Therapeutic, Not Therapy

When we are blocked creatively, we often experience ourselves as miserable—and we then wonder, “How neurotic am I?” Thinking that therapy will supply that answer, or at least alleviate our misery, we often turn to therapy only to find that our misery continues unabated. Of course it does. We are miserable not because we are […]

The Bedrock Tool of The Artist’s Way: Morning Pages

Morning Pages are the primary tool of a creative recovery. From my perspective they are the bedrock of a creative life. Three pages stream-of-consciousness writing done before the day “begins,” Morning Pages serve to prioritize, clarify, and ground the day’s activities. Frequently fragmented, petty, even whining, Morning Pages were once called “brain drain” because they […]

Artists Don’t Retire

As Picasso remarked, “Every child is born an artist. The trick is remaining one as an adult.” Passion, commitment, and most of all, the courage to be a beginner, are the qualities that it takes—and qualities that are well within our grasp. Recently I had dinner with an artist friend. Now sixty-seven, he still works […]

It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again

The term “senior” officially applies to those sixty-five and older. But not everyone who is called a senior feels like a senior. And not everyone who retires is sixty-five. Some retire at fifty, some at eighty. Age is a relative thing. Most working artists never retire. As director John Cassavetes put it, “No matter how […]