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The Right to Write Video Course

The Right to Write Video Course is an invitation-- and initiation-- into the writing life. Tools will free your inner writer from painful constriction and fear. Learn a new mythology around writing, release negatives, and focus on the positive-- and possible-- joys of writing. The Right to Write Video Course is divided into five sections. Choose a section below to watch Julia share and discuss the tools for unblocking your writing, whether you are beginning a project for the first time or working to bring a current project to completion. Join Now to gain lifetime access to this writing workshop.

Section One

An Invitation and Initiation into the Writing Life

Key concepts: Julia’s Writing Story, Morning Pages, Artist Dates, Walking, Write Every Day?, Why Should We Write?, Who Can Write?, Negative Mythology, Does the Act of Writing Make You a Writer?, Writing as Revolution

Section Two

Blasting through the Biggest Blocks

Key concepts: Your Censor, Perfectionism, Procrastination, The Time Lie, Mood, The Credibility Attack, Rough Drafts Are Supposed to be Rough, Discipline, What Do I Write About?

Section Three

Into the Water

Key concepts: Starting, Laying Track, Writing is Fun, Email, Writing Stations, Humility and Ego, Too Smart, Cheap Tricks, Is it Too Late to Find My Voice?, Do I Have to Know Everything?

Section Four

This Writing Life

Key concepts: Drama, Specificity, Place, Originality, Honesty, Vulnerability, Stakes, When in Doubt, Put it In, Sharing Work and Believing Mirrors, U-Turns, “Making it,” Learned Faith

Section Five

Writing As A Spiritual Practice

Key concepts: Inspiration, Hunches and Intuition, Synchronicity, Writing as an Act of Self Cherishing, Writing As Prayer, The God Jar, A Thank You, Meet Lily



Key concepts: Writers Are..., Convert Negatives into Positives, Perfectionism, Procrastination, Mood, I'm Proud Of..., Secrets, Wall of Infamy, U-Turns, God Jar