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Photo Play

Yesterday afternoon, I went to my friend Robert Stivers’ studio. It is a loft space filled with giant prints from Robert’s portfolio. The prints were beautiful and exotic. Robert was to take a new headshot for me, and I, too, hoped to look beautiful and exotic. I dressed all in black– my usual attire. Robert […]

Keep on keeping on…

Very often, it is perseverance– not talent– which wins the day. Too often, we become discouraged by a single rejection. We forget that negative criticism is only one person’s opinion. Discouraged, we fail to go forward. This is where we often need the help of a “Believing Mirror”– someone who sees our potential and the […]

Artistry Everywhere

I went to Wisconsin for my sister’s wedding. She looked radiant! A painter who supported herself and her horse farm off of her art, Libby’s artistry touched every aspect of her ceremony. The banister of the grand staircase by which she entered was swagged with silk flowers. Each place setting featured a poodle cookie and […]

A Powerful Prayer

As the new moon rises over the mountains in Santa Fe, I have a new favorite prayer. Its author is Ernest Holmes. Here is the prayer he suggests: Today and every day I expect good. I anticipate meeting new friends. I joyously anticipate contacting new situations, which will increase my livingness. My life is an […]

Breakfast with Beckwith

Today I did an interview with Michael Beckwith with Agape of Los Angeles. There were two musical interludes– he is married to a composer, and writes music himself. We both agreed that music is the most direct route to the human heart– that a message set to music touches the soul. I told him of […]

Week 1: Doing it Perfectly

Fill in the following sentence ten times: If I didn’t have to do it perfectly, I’d try…

Week 3 Task: Believing Mirrors

“Believing Mirrors” are people who mirror us back to ourselves as powerful, strong, and in our most positive light. Our Believing Mirrors are valuable people in our creative lives. Who are the Believing Mirrors in your life? Who can you be a Believing Mirror for? Take ten minutes and write on this topic. What did […]