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Creativity is not something you possess, but someting that expresses through you. You might call that something “inspiration.” The point is, you need to step aside and allow this force to enter. Puccini claimed the ideas for Madame Butterfly were dictated to him by God. I myself have often sensed “higher forces” of inspiration. I sometimes […]

Showing Up

I learned to turn my creativity into the only God I could believe in– the God of creativity. I learned to get out of the way and let that creative force work through me. I learned to just show up at the page and write down what I heard. I didn’t have to be in […]

Choosing Our Dream

When it comes time for us to choose between a cherished dream and a lousy current drudgery, we often choose to ignore the dream and blame our continued misery on God. We act like it’s God’s fault we didn’t go to Europe, take that painting class, go on that photo shoot. In truth, we–not God– […]

Affirmative Prayer

A prayer of gratitude is a prayer of celebration. We count our blessings. Rather than pray in entreaty, “Guide me and guard me,” we pray with conviction, “I am guided and guarded.” We do not need to beg for our good; we need only notice it, accept it and affirm it. We might pray, “Thank […]

Week 7: Dear God, It’s Me Julia

Before you fall asleep tonight, write a prayer. It does not need to be long or formal. It can be as simple as a letter to God, the Universe or a Higher Power. Reach out as you would to a trusted friend. When you wake up tomorrow morning, notice how you feel. Do you have […]