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Terra Incognita

“Morning pages map our own interior. Without them our dreams may remain terra incognita.” Terra Incognita- or Latin for “unknown land,” refers to unmapped areas. Because our creativity is unlimited, there will always be more territory to discover within ourselves. Morning Pages and Artist’s Dates keep us exploring, discovering, and learning. Our creativity is a […]

Week 1: Doing it Perfectly

Fill in the following sentence ten times: If I didn’t have to do it perfectly, I’d try…

The Basic Principles of the Artist’s Way

Perhaps you’re a longtime student of the Artist’s Way, or perhaps you are taking your first step in the path to higher creativity. With any pursuit, fundamentals are key. So is steady, supportive guidance. As you embark on your spiritual exploration for the first time, or once again, return always to the basic principles of […]

And so we begin

Good morning, and welcome to my blog classroom! Every Monday I’m going to be posting an exercise that will help you on your Artist’s Way journey. Much like the workbook, each will be a small task—but essential tool—in unlocking your creativity. I’ll be starting with week one, and work my way up to twelve, and […]