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Prosperity is Free

Setting aside your skepticism for a moment, make a list of ten actions you could take, right now, that you suspect might make you feel more prosperous-- and that cost nothing.


1. Taking a walk in nature

2. Going for a run and taking a long, hot shower afterward

3. Cooking soup using leftovers I have in the house

4. Cleaning-- really cleaning-- the bathroom, and lighting the candle that I've always "saved" for special occasions

5. Calling my friend Laura in Chicago


There are many actions we can take every day that will give us a sense of true prosperity. Choose one action from your list and notice how you feel after you have done it.

One Comment on "Prosperity is Free"

  1. I love this. Prosperity is everywhere. Abundance abounds. I think today I will adorn myself with my very best clothes and jewelry. I will go outside and see just how much prosperity surrounds me. I will make a commitment not to hoard those special treasures, like lotions, perfumes, shoes etc, but use it all, knowing full well that the Universe will re-supply whatever I “run-out” of. Thanks Julia for reminding us just how prosperous we truly are.

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