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Still Counting!

Counting, which is one of the bedrock tools of The Prosperous Heart, is very simple: record all money in and all money out. I keep a small notebook in my purse and I write down every penny. Coming back to this tool over and over, it is always helpful.

Recently I found that it's not so much that I don't have enough cash, it's that I spend my cash in ways that are counter to my values. Counting, I discovered my expensive Starbucks habit. I began making coffee at home. That saved me movie money. Seeing movies makes me happy. I spend within my values and I find myself valuing myself.

When we are willing to take small steps on our own behalf, that feeling of true prosperity is always within our reach.

3 Comments on "Still Counting!"

  1. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. It seems most of my money goes to groceries, and even that feels thin. But I’ve noticed that some of the easy food, like tv dinners and easy mac, can really add up. Lettuce and tomatoes is cheaper. So if I can just get the energy to spend more time fixing meals with, I could probably save a few dollars and treat my body better. It feels like lack of time and energy are the mountain in my way.

  3. What i value is what i get,if i count then i value …it is as simple as that ! So if i count my money i value my money and i attract more money !

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