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Creativity is not something you possess, but someting that expresses through you. You might call that something "inspiration." The point is, you need to step aside and allow this force to enter.

Puccini claimed the ideas for Madame Butterfly were dictated to him by God. I myself have often sensed "higher forces" of inspiration. I sometimes think of ideas as coming from art itself. I went through a period for several years when I conceptualized this as "angels" of music, of painting, of theater, etc. In this sense, music itself wants some music written and we are merely the conduit.

It certainly sucks the ego out of things, doesn't it?

6 Comments on "Inspiration"

  1. But gives such freedom from old ideas of artistic angst being necessary…suffering for art’s sake… aargh!

  2. oanne kontoz... says:

    for me is more like… the realm of imagination brings inspiration..
    that which becomes creation… )

  3. Sort of like the “muse” and the “musee”. I like it. I think our job is to clear the path so that the flow make take place. I guess we could be seen as the keepers or the facilitators. We can then add our special ingredient or “spice” (our experiences, our imaginations, our personalities,etc.) as we co-create.

  4. Sorry, I meant to type “may” instead of “make”.

  5. Aaron Hill says:

    I agree. I am a composer, and occasionally, I get that feeling like something has to be done a certain way because I’m being urged to. It’s that way that a chord shouldn’t fit, but you feel like it was meant to be there or that melody which plays repetitively in your head.

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