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Showing Up

I learned to turn my creativity into the only God I could believe in-- the God of creativity. I learned to get out of the way and let that creative force work through me. I learned to just show up at the page and write down what I heard. I didn't have to be in the "mood," I didn't have to take my emotional temperature. I simply wrote. No negotiations-- good, bad?-- none of my business. I wasn't doing it. By resigning as the self-conscious author, I wrote freely.

5 Comments on "Showing Up"

  1. Perfect way to start a writing day. Thank you.

  2. Profile photo of helena sorensen

    Julia… am delighted to be back ‘in touch’… as my journey with you began in Vancouver, BC,
    Canada, at your personal appearance & presentation of The Artist’s Way, circa 1995. I am once again with my copy of same… purchased on that day! …from saudi with love, helena

  3. Thank you. I am personally much more comfortable with this definition of God than the omnipotent God who micromanages my life and is the source of all good … and by implication all not good.

  4. This should be every creative persons mantra. 🙂

  5. As a blocked creative, I turned to the only mentor that has ever spoken to my creative heart… You. I decided to dig out my Artists Way and begin again, as I have done 2 other times over these past 18 years. You would think that, after 49 journals of morning pages, I would have “got the gist” by now! The problem was one that could only be sorted by your video comments about the morning pages. I needed to vent, and the pages has become, over time “The well”; a source to go dipping for ideas; another tool for inspiration rather than a place to vent. They had become just another creative thing that ‘had to be good’. (They had earned this by the way. I would say 80 percent of my art is done on ‘the page.’ Thank you!
    P.S. I have given dozens of your books over the years. Many lives have been changed from health care executives to many artists. You and your book changed many lives, mostly mine.

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