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Artistry Everywhere

I went to Wisconsin for my sister's wedding. She looked radiant! A painter who supported herself and her horse farm off of her art, Libby's artistry touched every aspect of her ceremony. The banister of the grand staircase by which she entered was swagged with silk flowers. Each place setting featured a poodle cookie and a cookie cutter to make more.

The wedding cake was delicious-- almond. "We tried fifteen recipes," Libby confessed. The wedding ceremony was a grand celebration. All seven Cameron siblings were gathered for the occasion. Our brother Christopher provided the music, and it was stellar. Our brother Jaimie sat in for a set.

We can all, always, add artful touches to our day, to our lives. Number from one to five and list five ways you could add an artful touch to your world.


4 Comments on "Artistry Everywhere"

  1. 1. put glitter on outgoing mail
    2. doodle on my bathroom mirror with dry erase markers
    3. color my hair fun colors
    4. draw on my body with body paint crayons (esp when my sweetie is on his way over)
    5. have a disco party for myself in my kitchen (and for anyone who happens to pass by)

    Thanks, JC!

  2. 1. take a pottery class on the wheel
    2. practice new children’s songs on mountain dulcimer
    3. paint an old chair with whimsical designs
    4. make a knotted blanket for Bob
    5. draw pictures of my cats and dog

  3. Julia, I just want to say you’re writing has changed my life. My first taste was Answered Prayers many years ago and in the past six weeks, The Artist’s Way. Bless you and your words!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Oh!!! You were in Wisconsin! So close by! So happy for your sister. I have and love her book on Artist Dates.

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