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Keep on keeping on…

Very often, it is perseverance-- not talent-- which wins the day. Too often, we become discouraged by a single rejection. We forget that negative criticism is only one person's opinion. Discouraged, we fail to go forward. This is where we often need the help of a "Believing Mirror"-- someone who sees our potential and the potential of our work.

"I see this book getting published," Sonia Choquette, writer and psychic, told me over and over concerning my novel Mozart's Ghost.

With Sonia's backing, I was able to push ahead, making submission after submission. We kept "coming close" to acceptance only to have a mysterious committee turn the book down. It wasn't until we reached submissions number 43 and 44 that we won through-- even having a small "bidding war" between the two publishers.

The success of this novel was a good lesson for me-- just keep on keeping on.