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Keep on keeping on…

Very often, it is perseverance-- not talent-- which wins the day. Too often, we become discouraged by a single rejection. We forget that negative criticism is only one person's opinion. Discouraged, we fail to go forward. This is where we often need the help of a "Believing Mirror"-- someone who sees our potential and the potential of our work.

"I see this book getting published," Sonia Choquette, writer and psychic, told me over and over concerning my novel Mozart's Ghost.

With Sonia's backing, I was able to push ahead, making submission after submission. We kept "coming close" to acceptance only to have a mysterious committee turn the book down. It wasn't until we reached submissions number 43 and 44 that we won through-- even having a small "bidding war" between the two publishers.

The success of this novel was a good lesson for me-- just keep on keeping on.

4 Comments on "Keep on keeping on…"

  1. I have heard this from virtually every single published author. If we take out the variable of good writing, the ones who get published are the most determined and dogged in the process which is time consuming and exhausting. Every publisher will have different requirements for how they want a manuscript and it is painstaking and frustrating. My experience is only with academic journals where there are a few standard selective journals and a host of less rigorous journals that will likely take your work – especially if you just need to get a publication out.

    My question is more logistical. How do you go about choosing the list of publishers to submit to?

  2. Profile photo of azurebreeze

    I went through that when I was applying for Graduate School. I had a promising opportunity at one school only for it to disappear. Then another college came knocking on my door but there were too many hurdles to get in. Then I was listening to Pandora Radio Station during my week 4 of my Artist’s Way journey when all of a sudden Crown College ad came on. What was even more amazing and synchronicitious was that I had previously gone to Elmbrook Church and a woman named Angie from the Army came up to me from out of the blue and never spoke to me before and stated I was a spiritual leader going through a trial and that God is walking with me and began praying over me. Then she directed me to Pandora Radio station and to type in Julie True for some soaking music. That is how I was at Pandora Radio station of Julie True when the Crown College ad came on. Then I talked to the Director of Crown Ad and told her my dream of launching my artist business as White Turtle Rainbow to empower others by sharing my recovery stories so they can share their recovery stories. She loved my idea and bent over backwards to make sure I got in. I just got accepted into Crown College Graduate School! I feel so blessed. Thank you Julia Cameron!

    Here is my video announcement today!

    Winona McMasters-Humphrey
    Waukesha, WI

  3. Yes to you and your fantastic course and book The Artists Way which I credit with giving me the energy and the inspiration to jump-start my stalled career. Instead of being yet another indie filmmaker staggering in the desert these last 7 years, I’ve been furiously productive and having the most fun of my life making a comedy web series. (Also yes to psychics. Thank GOD for psychics. :D) Thank you Julia Cameron!

  4. One piece of dragging show, indeed i get astonished to read words by u, u are one heck of inspiration for me, artist way had made my life so mystical and soul breathing.. With ths blog i ve decoded my nerves about getting on what i get by just working and working until i let myself get tired.. Artist date is 1 achievement in our weekly scheduling that gets us unstoppable…

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