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Photo Play

Yesterday afternoon, I went to my friend Robert Stivers' studio. It is a loft space filled with giant prints from Robert's portfolio. The prints were beautiful and exotic. Robert was to take a new headshot for me, and I, too, hoped to look beautiful and exotic. I dressed all in black-- my usual attire. Robert shot me on his terrace with natural light. I had to focus not to squint in the sun.

"Am I frowning?" I would ask.

"Maybe just a little. You're doing fine," Robert would reply.

It felt luxurious working with a photographer of Robert's caliber. He shot five rolls of film-- he preferred working an old-fashioned way rather than digital. He would shoot on film and scan the resulting images digitally. This allowed him to have more control.

"Shall I try some with my shawl?" I asked him.

"Yes," he said, delighted. "The shawl looks regal."

All told, we spent about a hour shooting, capturing the light that filmmakers call "Golden Hour."


3 Comments on "Photo Play"

  1. thankyou for sharing a fine artists moment xx

  2. So, excellent to hear that you, doing well, Julia! And to read that there are still pro photographers, like Robert Stivers, who are still going “old school” aka using film!! Yyiippeeee!

  3. Happy Holidays Julia,

    So awesome to read your October blog post. Your friend Robert Stivers uses film, not digital to photograph you. Indeed great to hear someone continues to use film. I believe it will continue to be used for those that appreciate the art of film. Can’t wait to see your new head shots! I’m sure you came out absolutely gorgeous as you already are.

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