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How Do I…Morning Pages? Part II

Dear Friends, Since my first post about morning pages sparked some conversation–and more questions–I’m sharing them–with answers–here. I hope you find this helpful And of course, whenever or however you do, just be sure to keep doing them! Always, Julia   Q: Can I listen to music while I write my morning pages? A: It’s […]

Morning Pages in Song

Inspiration is all around us. Have you ever noticed how the Beatles’ song “Across the Universe” can be heard as a lyrical meditation on Morning Pages and the creative energy in the universe? Jai guru deva, om. Some translate it as “I give thanks to Guru Dev (heavenly teacher).” Others as “Victory to the God […]

How Do I…Morning Pages?

I’ve received a number of questions about morning pages recently, and I thought it might be helpful to share, and answer, some of the most common here. For many of your questions, there are no definitive answer because the execution of Morning Pages is a highly personal process. But I do have specific guidelines. Many […]

Food for thought

Our lives are built of days. Each day, well-lived, builds upon the next. Starting with the daily routine of Morning Pages, we begin to view life in daily increments. ‘What can I do today, just today?’ we ask ourselves. Just for today we can manage to eat well. Just for today we can manage some […]

Your Birth-Write

A great deal of attention is paid in critical circles to the concept of having “a voice” in writing. It is my belief that all of us have a voice in writing because all of us have a voice. Working to have a “unique” voice is another concept that gets a great deal of play. […]