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How Do I…Morning Pages?

I’ve received a number of questions about morning pages recently, and I thought it might be helpful to share, and answer, some of the most common here. For many of your questions, there are no definitive answer because the execution of Morning Pages is a highly personal process. But I do have specific guidelines. Many fellow artists can offer guidance by sharing their own preferences, but I do hope my responses are helpful to you.

Q: If I keep a dream journal and write morning pages, could I use my dream journal as my morning pages?

I believe in writing the Morning Pages first, then jotting down notes about your dreams. The danger of jotting down a dream journal first is that it uses time and energy better spent on the facts of daily life.

Q: What do I do with my Morning Pages notebooks? Do I have to keep them? Should I throw them out? Should I reread them?

Keeping or tossing Morning Pages notebooks is a highly personal choice. I have had people shred, toss and burn their Morning Pages. I have had other people hold onto them for years. I myself save my Morning Pages, although I seldom reread them.

Q: I work better on a computer. Can I type my Morning Pages, instead of writing them out?

It's worth noting here that, for our purposes, velocity is the enemy. It takes longer to write by hand, and this slowness connects us to our emotional life.

Q: I have ADD/ADHD. Am I a lost cause for The Artists Way and Morning Pages?

Typically, Morning Pages are quite fragmented, giving the impression of ADD. Paradoxically, the fragmented pages yield coherent thought to those who do suffer from ADD.

Do please share your advice and preferences in the comments below.