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How Do I…Morning Pages? Part II

Dear Friends,

Since my first post about morning pages sparked some conversation--and more questions--I’m sharing them--with answers--here.

I hope you find this helpful And of course, whenever or however you do, just be sure to keep doing them!




Q: Can I listen to music while I write my morning pages?

A: It's probably best to do your Pages without a soundtrack. Sometimes when we follow a piece of music, we are doing exactly that: following it rather than initiating our own thoughts. Particularly when we listen to music with lyrics, we may discover we are tracking the storyline. In Morning Pages, we want to follow our own storyline.

Q: I’m not a morning person, and am better able to write in the afternoon or at night. Can I do my morning pages at night?

A: Morning Pages and Evening Pages are two different things. With Morning Pages, you are prioritizing the day ahead of you (whenever that day begins for you). With Evening Pages, you are reviewing a day that has already happened--and that you are powerless to change.

Q: What size paper should I use for my Morning Pages? A spiral notebook? Index cards? 

A: I prefer using a standard 8.5x11 page. Sometimes people want to use a smaller size, but I find that when they do, they miniaturize their thoughts to match the format.