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How Do I…Morning Pages? Part II

Dear Friends,

Since my first post about morning pages sparked some conversation--and more questions--I’m sharing them--with answers--here.

I hope you find this helpful And of course, whenever or however you do, just be sure to keep doing them!




Q: Can I listen to music while I write my morning pages?

A: It's probably best to do your Pages without a soundtrack. Sometimes when we follow a piece of music, we are doing exactly that: following it rather than initiating our own thoughts. Particularly when we listen to music with lyrics, we may discover we are tracking the storyline. In Morning Pages, we want to follow our own storyline.

Q: I’m not a morning person, and am better able to write in the afternoon or at night. Can I do my morning pages at night?

A: Morning Pages and Evening Pages are two different things. With Morning Pages, you are prioritizing the day ahead of you (whenever that day begins for you). With Evening Pages, you are reviewing a day that has already happened--and that you are powerless to change.

Q: What size paper should I use for my Morning Pages? A spiral notebook? Index cards? 

A: I prefer using a standard 8.5x11 page. Sometimes people want to use a smaller size, but I find that when they do, they miniaturize their thoughts to match the format.

29 Comments on "How Do I…Morning Pages? Part II"

  1. I have a question about the Morning Pages too. I’m writing the Morning Page for years now. (more then 25 books already). I think I will have a problem if I continue to keep all them over the years. Can I throw them away? Or should I keep the books? I think the most important thing is to write them, not to keep them.

    • I’m a newbie to Morning Pages, having just begun this week, but here’s a thought to consider.

      Are you, or anyone else reading this, the Family Genealogist? I am. ;-D

      I plan to store the little buggers so whoever, in my family, and those after them, if they don’t burn them, gets stuck with them, after I go to The Great Writing Salon in the Sky, will be able to learn something about one of their ancestors. ;-D

  2. I am having the hardest time waking up and starting to write. It seems my brain is not yet ready to function. It takes a good 5-10 minutes to really get the flow going. But I must say, I am truely awake by the time i have completed the pages and wrote my affirmations. any suggestions how to get going a little easier jsut after waking? any tricks up your sleeves?

  3. I am a committed Morning Pages writer since I attended your Creativity Bootcamp in London earlier this year. I love it and some really good things have come about for me since I started doing TAW and now Walking in This World. In TAW you say to ask the questions in the evenings and listen for the answers in the mornings. This resonates for me and it works for me too but I’m just wondering if you, if you’re feeling a little stuck, if you have any specific questions you ask yourself in the evenings to prompt the answers. I say if you are feeling stuck because sometimes, in those darker, uncreative feeling times, when things are not working, it’s sometimes hard to find the questions to ask. Hope that makes sense.

  4. Profile photo of sealover

    Unblocking myself is a rather difficult process. I stopped doing the morning pages for a while, its been at least six months. Something inside told me that writing my thoughts down could be used against me. Then again, I’ve been badly bullied in the workplace so that is where these fears come from.
    I’m confronting these fears. First, I’ve been picking up my paper and pen and doing my morning pages every morning this week. Its amazing how better I feel after doing it. its as if they clear my head and cleanse my heart and with that I am starting my day refreshed and rejuvenated. I forgot how good it makes me feel to do my morning pages. It works best for me to do it first thing in the morning with my coffee. I am grateful to be back on board, doing my morning pages and connecting with you all online again. Forming a new habit is hard but when I ‘failed’ to do my morning pages yesterday, I need to just pick myself back up, put pen and paper in hand and do it today.

    Currently thinking about what I am going to do for my artist date this upcoming week. Thinking about doing some painting with some friends.

  5. Along the lines of Redwing’s first few words…I’ve committed myself to Morning Pages….One of my SISTERS just thinks I need to be committed!

    She can’t grasp anything about the creative side of her big brother. ;-D

  6. Unanimous says:

    Dear Julia, Thank you for your concept of “morning pages.” I am a life-long journal writer. Before reading about the Morning Pages, I practiced something similar, writing as much as I could in a 10 minute time block (inspired by one of my fav authors, Esmeralda Santiago). I would do this before I sat for my formal writing session. Lately, I’ve done the pages as you’ve suggested, but sometimes feel muddled about whether I am in morning pages mode or journaling mode. I welcome your thoughts on how I approach the process so I can fully benefit from each writing experience. Thank you and Happy 2012.

    • Unanimous says:

      p.s. – part of my concern is not spending so much time in morning pages, journaling mode that it in itself serves as a form of procrastination. Moving from preparation to action and thus, completion more regularly and w/o hesitation is the goal.

  7. Unanimous says:

    p.s. – part of my concern is not spending so much time in morning pages, journaling mode that it in itself serves as a form of procrastination. Moving from preparation to action and thus, completion more regularly and w/o hesitation is the goal.

  8. Fantastic text found when someone perfect and trustworthy

  9. I’m having a hard time writing my morning pages as soon as I wake up. My schedule varies, sometimes I work nights, so my wake up time isn’t always the same & I often end up jumping right into the things I have to do. How important is it to do them as soon as I wake up?

  10. how important is it to do morning pages as soon as you wake up?
    i am finding it so difficult to do them first thing in morning

  11. Sharon says:

    Morning pages are three pages, 81/2 x 11 paper size. I get the,t but I’m wondering if a “page” is a blank page or lined a lined page? If lined, wide ruled or college ruled? I want to “do the program” and I’m looking for perspective here. The actual paper can make a big difference in how much I write on each page.

    Thank you!

  12. Adele Cochrane says:

    I know you have said a few times that ta best to to morning pages longhand. I have some RSI which prevents me from doing handwriting for more than 5 minutes at a time (it’s horribly painful!)
    In the case where you are physically unable to longhand write, is the best option to write it on a computer? I want to do it the best way possible but this is standing in my way!

  13. Sarah E Smyth says:

    If I feel like writng about my creativity in the evening (in addition to my morning pages) should I write in a seperate notebook? This seems kind of silly as I type it but I have the morning pages companion book and I want to write now, but then I will be ahead three pages. Thanks!

  14. Dear Julia,

    I have hesitated to begin morning pages. I know that it would be good for me. I have two young children, 2 and 5. Sleep is a sought after commodity. My 2 year old still wakes at night when he’s teething, sick, hungry, etc. My 5 year old still has his troubles too. Most days, the youngest is up by 6:15. I’m sleep deprived and surviving, but need the creative unblocking. Do you have any recommendations? It’s certainly hard to suggest to myself to get up at 5:30am when I was just up at 2:30 to soothe someone back to sleep.


  15. Last year January I rediscovered Artist’s Way and took the plunge on Pages. This past January I almost stopped: I had to make a slight shift that Pages were not coming up with something but instead discovering and discarding… now Pages are a much looser garment. My problem now is Artist Date… I never do them… too hard

  16. I want to reply to Sarah R: I don’t have children, but to me Pages do challenge on several levels. Time is a big hurdle. When I started in January 2017, a benefit I noticed right away: my days had much less mental ruminations and brooding. That doesn’t mean I didn’t ruminate and brood during Pages ! I would often stop with pen stopped, and thoroughly chew a situation. 5 minutes would whip by like that. Over the year, Pages sessions were often close to one hour. This year, I’m happy to say- between 30 and 40 minutes….and I can probably get to 30 routinely…

  17. Jorge F. says:

    Should I write the MP in my first language? I am proficient in 3 languages, I use English for work and social life, Portuguese with my wife and daughters and Spanish, that is my first language is the the one that I speak to myself often.

    • Profile photo of Julia Cameron

      Yes! In your first language is great– whatever is the fastest and most natural for you and allows you to “dash off” your MPs with minimal thought.

  18. Sabrina says:

    Hi, I am about to get started on your journey and my one question about the morning pages (and it may be a silly one) are they 3 pages front and back or just 3 fronts? I am really stuck and can’t figure it out. Thank you in advance, Sabrina

  19. Debby Conway says:

    Asking the same unanswered question as the first gal. Do you think keeping the pages is best? I feel like i’ll be more honest if I know that nobody will ever read them. Is there a reason to keep them?

  20. Gunnel Nordström-Løvlie says:

    I’m so happy that I have found the Morning pages and all inspirational literature even though I’ve passed my 60th!
    I wonder how to treat good ideas or insights or reminders that might pop up during the writing. Do you rewrite in another book? I read above that people just toss the writing away.

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