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When I am asked what is the biggest block to creativity, I find myself answering, “a lack of humility.” Dreams remain dreams, nothing more, when we insist on their being fulfilled instantly and perfectly. We measure ourselves against masters and we tell ourselves that we will never achieve our dreams. But masters began as beginners, […]

Are you willing to make bad art?

You say that you only want to make “good” art. Who can blame you? The only problem with making good art is that sometimes, in order to make good art, we have to be willing to make bad art. Styles mature spasmodically. Sometimes we write poorly on our way to writing better. Sometimes we paint […]


I think it’s important to think little instead of big. There is always some small thing that we feel we can manage as a next creative step. These small steps add up to something large. The point is to be willing to work, however humbly. Humility, not confidence, is the key. What tiny step could […]