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Are you willing to make bad art?

You say that you only want to make "good" art. Who can blame you? The only problem with making good art is that sometimes, in order to make good art, we have to be willing to make bad art.

Styles mature spasmodically. Sometimes we write poorly on our way to writing better. Sometimes we paint poorly-- on our way to painting better.

We must not deny ourselves the dignity of growth. I keep a sign posted in my work area that reads "I am willing to make bad art." Sometimes visitors read that sign and are appalled at me. I have to parse it out for them. The sign does not say "I plan to make bad art." It merely says I am willing to make bad art. By being willing to make bad art, I am free to make any art-- and often, art that is very good.

Willing to make "bad" art, what we actually are is willing to make progress.