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Beating the Blues

I believe that what is really painful is not practicing our creativity. It, to me, smacks of unrequited love: the wishing, the yearning, and the inability to engage. A great way to experiment with this is the next time "the blues" strike, try making something. Anything. A pot of chili, a cabinet, a wild paint job on an old bike, a batch of cupcakes decorated with whimsical candies, a nasty little ditty about whatever is bedeviling you-- anything that strikes your fancy. See if your mood doesn't lift almost instantaneously.

"I merely took the energy it takes to pout and wrote some blues." -Duke Ellington

5 Comments on "Beating the Blues"

  1. I totally agree; nothing is as frustrating as not creating. Creating lives in our hearts and needs to be expressed. Even the small things count!

  2. Tom Tinsley says:

    You are so right about doing something creative to banish the blues. I am not an artist but every day during the late afternoon I often get a bit of a dip in my mood. However, as soon as I start preparing the dinner for my family, I find myself humming!
    Antonio Carluccio of the Carluccio restaurant chain in Britain said: ” Cooking is an act of love. When you cook for someone you are showing your love for them”.
    So, perhaps its a combination of creativity and love !

  3. I am working on topics for my clients ( mental health, addictions outpatients) to explore in our discussions and for writing topics the newsletter the group publishes. I am pondering how NOT releasing ourselves to creating climate (springtime analogy for the publishing date) change, sobriety, recovery, resurrection and rebirth (Easter analogies all over !) may indeed be the pain & the real threat to relapse ( applied on any level) the stagnation of creativity reflective of many [inner “soulistic” harmonyso vital.] Negative self assumtions. I am going to start them on morning pages by giving each a notebpok & writing utensil next week.53

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