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Taming Time

Try this:

Most of us procrastinate when it comes to time. We tell ourselves we "don't have enough time to do X," an activity or undertaking that frightens us. The truth is that it is not our lack of time that is the issue, it is our lack of courage.

Take pen in hand and number from 1 to 5. List five tasks you've been procrastinating about, telling yourself you had "no time."

Here are some examples:

1. Rereading my play
2. Cleaning up my work area
3. Sorting through my financial papers
4. Doing my laundry
5. Writing a letter to Bob

Take time in your own hands now, and choose one task from your list to execute. Within a week, try to execute your whole list, proving to yourself that you do have time.

3 Comments on "Taming Time"

  1. A friend of mine introduced me to the Artist’s Way about three years ago. I was so absolutely blessed that I went out and purchased many other books by you, Julia Cameron. I am a social worker/ therapist by profession but ever since a child’s age, I have loved to write. I have been so inspired by you. Your work has awakened the artist in me and has given the support and confidence I’ve never had. Now, I use your work/check-in tasks with my clients in my sessions …
    Thank you for bringing me to life! I work to bring others to life as well.

  2. Hey Julia
    You’re such an inspiration. You must have a million things on your head but I have a question when you can be free…
    I didnt know how to contact you so I figured your latest post might be a good place…
    Can I show someone a part of my Morning Pages? Can I publish that part? You have been very strong against it generally so I am not sure…

    Hoping for your reply đŸ™‚

  3. Karen Green says:

    Thank you so much for finally writing for the baby boomers, soon, like me, to turn 70, and struggling with retirement ( which I have been for 3 years!)…still struggling! I wish the book was on the shelf now to purchase, but have already pre ordered and can’t wait! The Artist’s Way has been my go-to book since 1992. I always go back to it and find NEW wisdom. I saw you speak in London and had hoped that you would sign my old, beaten up copy, but we all realized how fatigued you were and did not want to push. It was a pleasure to hear you, work with your ideas and all the lovely ladies I met there.

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