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Terra Incognita

“Morning pages map our own interior. Without them our dreams may remain terra incognita.”

Terra Incognita- or Latin for “unknown land,” refers to unmapped areas. Because our creativity is unlimited, there will always be more territory to discover within ourselves. Morning Pages and Artist’s Dates keep us exploring, discovering, and learning. Our creativity is a gift from God. Using our creativity is our gift back to God.

I am always inspired when I see the unfinished works of artists—the project they were working on when they died. Frank Lloyd Wright was working on a building in Oak Park, IL. Oscar Hammerstein had just written “Edelweiss” and lived to see the Sound of Music open on Broadway—but he would not live to see the Oscar-winning movie of the show. Creativity is the natural order of life. We are meant to be in motion.

I often quote the Nike ad “Just Do It” when I teach. Morning Pages keep us moving ahead. They keep us in touch with ourselves. They ask the right questions and provide us with the answers we need. Just do them!