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Keep the Drama on the Page

Drama belongs on the page. We have a mythology which tells us writers’ lives are dramatic, but this mythology does not serve us. Writers’ lives are best non-dramatic. It serves us to keep drama at bay.
Today I woke up tired and crabby. I didn’t fall asleep until 2:30 AM, and this morning I was filled with anxiety— and might I add, drama. Fatigue clouded my thoughts and the day looked bleak ahead of me. I tried to sleep again, but was unsuccessful, and eventually I got up and filled myself with coffee. Still, I was “tired and wired”— anxious and fatigued. I didn’t want to write. I wasn’t “in the mood.” And yet, I knew the act of writing would bring me cheer.
I set my pen to the page. I had learned from long years of practice that writing always cheered me. I wrote about the clouded-obscured mountain out the window. The weather matched my dour mood. The day was grey and chill. I complained on the page. Nothing suited me. But what was this? My rancor was yielding to a stronger, better mood.
“I don’t want to write,” I wrote, “I’m full of drama and pessimism today.” And yet, in writing, I found myself gently moved to optimism. My mood lightened perceptibly. I found myself ready to write further. It was as if by putting my dour sentiments on the page I underwent an exorcism. The demon despair was vanquished. I found myself open-hearted. My sour mood transformed slowly into something more like hope. I wrote, “It is a grey day, but the clouds are thinning. A hint of blue sky looms overhead. And what’s this? Now we have a glint of sun. The day promises to become bright. My mood follows suit.” I have been writing for half an hour, not very long, but long enough. My mood could now be described as “cheery.” Writing has rescued the day from the dramatic doldrums I woke up in.

2 Comments on "Keep the Drama on the Page"

  1. I was lucky enough to attend the artists writers workshop in Bristol.Today your words”keep the drama on the page” bounced around my head after a wiry conversation with a particularly tricky mother of a friend.Still reeling from the conversation I thought why not look at Julia’s website and read the first article …..Keep The Drama On The Page.The universe has answered me and I graciously accept the wisdom through your work.Many Thanks Julia and I hope life is wonderful for you.Love Marilyn

  2. I participted in an excellent workshop about Julia Cameron and the
    Morning Papers in the 90’s near Carmel, California. I still practice this
    successful method of journaling, as well as teaching her concepts as an accredited writing coach. I want to sign up again for everything and anything Julia writes.
    Please add my email to all information, as well as live workshops. Thank you.

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