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We Do Not Outgrow Our Dreams

Most blocked creatives have an active addiction to anxiety. They play the game of “What if...” What if I commit creativity and it is ill-received? Note that this thinking indulges only in negative fantasy. It does not fantasize, “What if I commit creativity and it is well-received?”

“I’ll look like a fool,” the beginning artist fears. Ashamed before they begin, blocked creatives do not realize that the dream they are trying to turn away from will continue to haunt them.

Many of us harbor a youthful dream that we bury and tell ourselves we have outgrown. But we do not really outgrow our dreams, and when we work with Morning Pages, we often find our dreams come rushing back. The good news is that, with our dreams, also often comes the power to accomplish them.

Sometimes our dreams seem so far out of reach that we discount them before we begin. But if we are willing to look for supportive mentors and able to recognize them when we meet them, we will move ahead. We just have to find the courage to speak up and ask for help.

“It doesn’t matter how we speak up,” my friend Jean says. “We just have to do it. We might be scared to ask for help, but we just have to get the words out somehow. It doesn’t matter how. It certainly doesn’t have to be perfect.”

What dream is knocking at your consciousness, asking to be considered? Is there a safe person in your life who might be able to be supportive of this dream?

from It's Never Too Late to Begin Again