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Let Yourself Write

If we didn't have to worry about being published and being judged, how many of us would write a novel just for the joy of making one? Why should we think of writing a novel as something we couldn't try-- the way an amateur carpenter might build a simple bookcase or even a picnic table? What if we didn't have to be "good" at writing? What if we got to do it for sheer fun?

What if writing were approached like white-water rafting? Something to try just for the fact of having tried it, for the spills and chills of having gone through the rapids of the creative process. What if we allowed ourselves to be amateurs (from the Latin verb amare, "to love"). If we could just get over the auditioning to be respected at this aspect, a great many people might love writing. Although our mythology seldom tells us this, it's fun.

The bottom line is, the act of writing makes you a writer.

What would you like to write about?

14 Comments on "Let Yourself Write"

  1. Martina says:

    Thank you for Your help with our creativity! I really appreciate it.

  2. Mark Morris says:

    I love to write about people, about lives and about the experiences that we all could have in common. True, we’re not all women (or men) and few of us will ever live through the situations I write about, but the thing that matters is that we can all share in them through the use of our imaginations.

  3. I would love to write about my imaginairy travel on my own, about landscapes and people I meet, adventures, lessons I learn on this road, …

  4. Martina says:

    To Sis : That would be awesome, I would like to read it. I honestly admire a movie Midnight in Paris (which has similiar topic).

  5. I would love to write about my imaginary magic carpet rides off into the universe and all the great beings I meet during the predawn hours of any day….ancient wisdom, truths, sacredness, power and support available to all of us…

  6. I just started writing for me, and no one else, and a beautiful beginning to a story about a shadow artist’s journey has peeked its head around the corner. All I can do is listen, and be excited about writing again. Your book and blog is providing that much needed support. Thank you!

  7. If I could write, I would like to write stories that I love to tell my younger nieces and nephews, and my friends kids. I love watching their faces light up as I take them on fantasies and adventures, soaring over mountains, and dropping like eagles from the sky in deep valleys. I also like telling real life stories, a different spin on my every day experiences that I tell the grownups, the parents of the children..

  8. This is really beautiful. I wrote my first novel several years ago just for the need to release so much inner turmoil. I felt so much lighter and unburdened when it was done. I haven’t published it yet, but the catharsis of that process was everything I truly needed.

    Thank you for this reminder, Julia!



  9. I would love to write a theology of intuition. One that re-imagines the Holy Spirit as God-given inner wisdom and power to transform ourselves and the world.

  10. After reading your comments above this quote came to mind.: “It is better to write for oneself and have no public than to write for the public and have no self.”
    It is a very sad thing to have others take away your joy of writing.
    Experiment on a few genres and see where it takes you.

  11. Hi Julia, I am currently working through your book, The Artist’s Way and am finding it an incredibly moving, inspirational and fun experience. I’m only on week 5 but it has taken me to places I would never have imagined and I’m loving the ride! I’m also attempting to write my first novel this month, as part of NaNoWriMo. I am definitely enjoying the process and shall think of it as white-water rafting from now on!! Many, many thanks for the inspiration. I shall be passing on copies of your book to many friends and family members who have expressed an interest in my transformation. 🙂

  12. I used to write to let the pain out in the understanding in. Now I write to let life…and process the joy. Thank you for the support for writers, we can be an isolated group, it always helps to know there’s somebody who really understands the intimate process of a writer, and someone who is further along the path…

    In gratitude,

  13. Thank you for your wise words Julia. I have just sent for your book ,”The Artists Way” after taking part in a journalling workshop this morning. I would like to write more from the heart and not be worried about getting things right.

  14. Poetry and a screenplay about the healthy touching between people/people and people and their world.

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