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Let Yourself Write

If we didn't have to worry about being published and being judged, how many of us would write a novel just for the joy of making one? Why should we think of writing a novel as something we couldn't try-- the way an amateur carpenter might build a simple bookcase or even a picnic table? What if we didn't have to be "good" at writing? What if we got to do it for sheer fun?

What if writing were approached like white-water rafting? Something to try just for the fact of having tried it, for the spills and chills of having gone through the rapids of the creative process. What if we allowed ourselves to be amateurs (from the Latin verb amare, "to love"). If we could just get over the auditioning to be respected at this aspect, a great many people might love writing. Although our mythology seldom tells us this, it's fun.

The bottom line is, the act of writing makes you a writer.

What would you like to write about?