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Do you have a Crazymaker?

One of the things that we do when we are blocked creatively is that we get involved in intense codependent relationships. We seem to pick people who are absolutely expert at turning the tables on our creativity.

See if anyone in your present (or past) life fits these descriptions:

-Crazymakers spend your time and money
-Crazymakers break deals and destroy schedules
-Crazymakers expect special treatment
-Crazymakers discount your reality
-Crazymakers triangulate those they deal with (So, your crazymaker might say “Everyone really hates you at the office” so that you’re thinking “Who hates me at the office?” instead of “Who is this horrible person saying this to me?”)
-Crazymakers are expert blamers
-Crazymakers create drama, but seldom where it belongs
-Crazymakers hate schedules-- except their own. (Your deadline becomes an excuse for them to ask you for something time consuming.)
-Crazymakers hate order (You clear a place in the house so you can work, and your crazymaker comes along and messes it up before you can begin.)
-Crazymakers deny that they are Crazymakers

Do you have a crazymaker?