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Faith is a commodity we always feel is lacking. Who among us feels he has "enough" faith? And yet, we all do. It takes faith to establish an atmosphere where our creativity can flourish. Take pen in hand and list five occasions in which you have demonstrated persistence.

For example:
1. I went back to graduate school
2. I took an improv class
3. I hired an illustrator for my children's book
4. I submitted my short stories for publication
5. I made a CD of my garage rock band

Joseph Campbell tells us that "when we follow our bliss, we are met by a thousand unseen helping hands." Take pen in hand. Number from 1 to 5. List five pairs of helping hands.

4 Comments on "Persistence"

  1. Thank you so much for this Julia! I love it and love the idea of thanking and recognizing our unseen hands!! 🙂

    1. A teacher at Atlantic Acting School suggested I read your book and start morning pages
    2. I took my first yoga class with a friend
    3. I went to earn my yoga certification via Yoga Works thanks to a fantastic teacher!
    4. My friends encouraged me to do my first half marathon
    5. I started #PassLove and created a blog thanks to the support from my friends.

  2. Faith.. I need that now. Faith to live for another month. Faith to have the strange to move on with My life!

  3. I started a blog last year just after I read The Right to Write.
    I made a little book of my year’s blog posts.
    I published it myself on CreatSpace.
    I’m working on my next volume now.
    I’m going to send them to my siblings even though I don’t know whether they will approve.

  4. 1 did morning pages, artist dates, weekly walks regularly for years
    2 committed to ten-days of silence and meditation
    3 the plays I did before, rehearsals and weeks of performance
    4 yoga once a week
    5 joined and finished NaNoWriMo in 2013

    * * *
    1 Veck, my wife who keeps me grounded
    2 Dana, my daughter who keeps my heart light
    3 my online creative cluster: The Artist’s Way Playgroup
    4 friends from church
    5 God

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