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Outrunning your Censor

All of us have an inner Censor, that nasty voice that tries to discount what we are doing.

A lot of times people think they can outsmart their censor, but that’s not my experience. My experience is that as you get smarter, your censor gets smarter. But what you can do is outrun your censor.

If you keep doing Morning Pages the censor eventually gets exhausted, because you keep saying "There is no wrong way to do MPS, and I am going to keep going." As you keep saying no to the censor, it eventually backs off a little bit.

Naming your censor helps. Making a cartoon image of your censor helps. Is your censor a shark, a monster, a scary parental figure?

Try this: Name, describe, and draw your censor. And see if it doesn't back off just a little bit more.