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The Creativity Corner: from The Artist’s Way for Parents

When we provide our children with the tools and materials necessary to begin a project, we give them the freedom to begin making their own creative choices. Embarking on this journey, they are empowered to make something from nothing-- to fill the blank canvas.

The Creativity Corner, an exercise

Create a "Creativity Corner" in your home where your child can go to begin projects. Stock this corner with assorted items that can provide inspiration-- corks, Q-tips, toilet-paper rolls, sequins, glue, yarn, pipe cleaners, beads, tissue paper... As you find things in your home that may belong there, add them to the stash. If you do not have a corner free, the "creativity corner" could be a box or a shelf. The point is to designate an area where your child can find-- and add to-- an assortment of supplies to fill the blank canvas.

-from The Artist's Way for Parents