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Do you worry about “the odds”?

I wil be blunt: I think "the odds" are a drink of emotional poison.

No one invokes "the odds" who isn't trying to keep you from committing creativity. For one thing, your odds of succeeding immediately increase if you try succeeding. Your odds of publishing a novel, for example, are a lot higher if you write a novel.

When we believe that "the odds" are stacked against us, we are choosing to believe that "the odds" are more powerful not only than our own gifts but also than God. If the tiny mustard seed can become a tree, if the acorn can become the oak, why can't our ideas flourish into mighty manifestations?

When we see our work as an extension of God's work and not as an act of ego, it is easier to believe that there is a plan of goodness for it.


-from "Letters to a Young Artist"

4 Comments on "Do you worry about “the odds”?"

  1. Amen! I will copy this and hang it on my wall! Thanks

  2. i love this, so true, and how often I’ve done this to myself ~ thanks Julia

  3. Profile photo of mountainbluebird

    just as a little bird knows it must fly
    take a leap of faith….
    wings, air and a beating heart full of life will help it soar into the Light and colours of life’s sky
    if we cling to the branch our view is seen only through the leaves and branches
    if we have courage to fly, our view becomes beyond…. limitation
    just as little birds fly and sing… freely
    so must we find courage to use our wings and sing into the Light of life’s sky…

  4. Thank you Julia for this great post! I’ve been doing The Artist’s Way since April 9 and my life is slowly changing in a wonderful way. Thank you

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