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Morning Pages: why 3 pages?

Morning Pages are three pages of longhand, morning writing about anything. There is no wrong way to do Morning Pages, and they are for your eyes only. Doing Morning Pages, we find that we go into our day with more clarity. Although they do take time (about 30-40 minutes), they actually make more time than they take because we move more efficiently through our day.
They are three, single-sided, 8.5x11 pages (so in other words, not 6 pages). Yes, they must be done in the morning. Yes, they must be done by hand.
Why three pages?
Ordinarily, the first page and a half is pretty easy. The second page and a half is more difficult, but it moves us into action. More than three pages invites self-obsession. It's a little bit like when you go to see a therapist, and you say "when will I see you again?" You're hoping they'll say "every day," but instead they say "how about in a week?"
Three pages seems to be the ideal length.