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I want to say something about droughts: as painful as they are, they deepen us. When we feel we have "nothing to say" as artists, we are grappling with what it is we do want to say. In struggling to find our sources of inspiration, we find ourselves.

Another thing: drought doesn't disqualify you as an artist. Rather, it is a rite of passage, an initiation period that while it pains us also makes us better.  If we persist in making art even when we feel we have no art to make, we experience a deepened gratitude for those times when art comes to us more easily.

In other words, droughts make us appreciate times of flow. As much as anything else, droughts teach us compassion for ourselves and others. Can this be anything but a blessing?

5 Comments on "Drought"

  1. Oh wow, I never thought of looking at it that way. Thanks 🙂

  2. So many times as I have faced a drought or writer’s pause, I have turned to your words to remind myself that it’s okay and part of the process. Once again, you’ve delivered. Thank you.

  3. Monica McNamara says:

    I do love this perspective, but walking in this light requires a certain amount of patience that I have trouble mustering. I love to write and I want to be published so badly. I love your influence – I wish I was more apt to walk forward trusting the process. Right now, I feel zealous and dreamy and I keep grabbing at the dream of my book in print, being passed down to future generations, giving people the same warm fuzzy feeling I get when I read a book where I feel the author knows me and is speaking straight to my heart. This is how I felt when I read “The Artist’s Way.” My, how I love “The Artist’s Way!” I am very much enjoying your tweets – and each time I read them, I feel challenged to be more patient, and let things unwrap themselves – one drip at a time. With love and affection for you and what you teach us, I thank you for this post!

  4. Thank you for writing this in a way that I could never word it.

  5. Eddie Hill says:

    Hello, I took the Artist way class last year and really enjoyed it. Is there a book you would recommend to Ministers who need inspiration. I am ordering Faith and Will but maybe there is something even better. I am hosting a Ministers gathering in May can you recommend someone in the Dallas area that could speak to us? Rex McGee from SMU may be booked. Thanks in advance Eddie

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