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Creativity involves process, and process involves change. The truism we often hear is that we often resist change because change is difficult or change is painful. This is not quite accurate. It is the resistance to change that is difficult or painful. In the same way, it is the resistance to our creativity that causes us to equate it with suffering. 

It is important to remember that "effort" and "suffering" are two different things.

3 Comments on "Change"

  1. That’s a keen observation. Thank you, Julia.

  2. Bev Tang-Kong says:

    As an artist, I find that I cannot get too comfortable with one way of doing things, because energies are always changing and to create artistic harmony I have to go with the flow of what’s in front of me.

  3. John Graber says:

    Hello Julia,

    I am not sure this will get to you and it is always funny to be writing something you don’t know will be received. I just went to a writing event here in Bellingham Washington to re-kindle/jumpstart my writing. You and your book,” Artist’s Way”. were mentioned so I thought I would look you up. Also mentioned was blogging, also new to me. Anyway I looked you up and this comment about change and thought I might ask if you are buddhist. I am, and what you wrote about “change” sounds pretty buddhist to me. If not, you might look at what they say about suffering and the “Second Arrow”. Best wishes. John

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