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Our “Body” of Work

Most blocked creatives are cerebral beings. We think of all the things we want to do, but can't. Early in recovery, we next think of all the things we want to do but don't. In order to effect a real recovery, one that lasts, we need to move out of the head and into a body of work. To do this, we must first of all move into the body.

Again, this is a matter that requires acceptance. Creativity requires action, and part of that action must be physical. It is one of the pitfalls of Westerners adopting Eastern meditation techniques to bliss out and render ourselves high but dysfunctional. We lose our grounding, and with it, our capacity to act in the world. In pursuit of higher consciousness, we render ourselves unconscious in a new way.

Exercise combats this spiritually-induced dysfunction.

2 Comments on "Our “Body” of Work"

  1. Julia,
    I am no longer working for hospitals. I have been completely working in my private practice. I am making ends meet. But, I quite painting in my home studio about 4 weeks ago. That doesn’t happen too often. I paint regularly for about 8 years now. I would say I am blocked. I met you and spent time with Mark Bryan in one of my many AW 12 courses (based on the way the two of you taught). I am thinking of leading another AW. Its about time, I am thinking. It may infuse me with the good stuff. I have a studio filled with paintings and yet unsatisfied with them. I may have lost my way. And it might mean it is time for another show. Oh dear, desperately, Brenda Mercado, M.F.T. & Painter from Ojai.

  2. Exercising of the mind, body, and spirit. Excellent.

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