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Speaking for myself, I am wary of what I call too much boast-and-toast talk. You know what I mean...those conversations that begin with "That's interesting, but what I am working on right now is..." I think it can take the wind out of your sails. It's like putting your project up for a vote depending on the reciprocity of your listener. A lack of enthusiasm can derail you. Too much enthusiasm can prematurely give you the reward for work well done. Remember that the part of you that creates needs to be shrewd about using its energy constructively. Too many artists talk about the work they are "going" to do.


6 Comments on "Containment"

  1. Agreed. But I do like hearing what an artist is currently conjuring up. It can often prove inspiring for those still stuck.

  2. I agree! Keeping my creative attention on creating instead of talking about it and also instead of listening to what others are going to do, are angry about not doing, etc. keeps me focused on creating and continuing to move forward with my own work. Thanks for the reminder and inspiration!

  3. New to freelancing, I find I am focused on the victory over my competition more than I am focused on doing the actual work. This is a disturbing realization and one I am working to change. Getting the work is important, but the real prize is the completion and acceptance of that work. Thanks for the focus this Monday morning.

  4. I definitely agree, though I certainly love talking to other artists as well. Sometimes it’s nice to see what others are working on and to be inspired by it.

  5. Well stated…and true.
    Actions speak louder than words. đŸ™‚

  6. I believe it depends a lot on who you are speaking with but I do agree it is better to remain “pregnant” with the creative thoughts than talk them all away. I became aware of this when I was in art school. I had one instructor who would come around and have me describe in detail what I was going to do. After she left me I found that my impetus to do the work was gone. It was like the magic was stolen or something. I learned to alter the way I spoke with her. It wound up actually being a good lesson to learn from for the future.

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