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Art Is Not Self-Centered

One of the most damning beliefs perpetrated by our culture is the idea that our art is a self-indulgent pursuit. Our gifts come from a divine source, and using our gifts moves us toward our divinity. This is not selfish. It is our poisonous playmates who try to convince us that art is a self-centered pursuit.

What they are really saying is "focus on me, not your art."

Now that is self-centered.

4 Comments on "Art Is Not Self-Centered"

  1. Sheila says:

    Hadn’t thought of it that way. Something to ponder.

  2. I bet that made a lot of people wince. Well said Julia and quite true.

  3. Profile photo of DPriv

    Agreed, Julia. I’m reminded of a moment in “Reflections on the Artist’s Way” where you invited the audience to consider that we are “living in an anti-art culture with an anti-creativity consciousness”. Indeed.

  4. So true Julia. The sad part is the culture suffers because of this attitude not just artists.

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