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We think we must "be inspired" to create art and that this inspiration must have an emotional force to it. That is not my experience. I have done some of my best work from what was essentially a neutral position, not unlike a court stenographer. When I was striving to "get something down" rather than to "think something up," I seemed to be on to something. I think this is where the notion of service can enter. We can make art in the service of something, and that spirit of service gives us a workable humility that allows us to hear our cues.

There is a listening receptivity that allows us to make art as a non-premeditated response. Another way to put it might be to say that art is less about throwing a ball than it is about catching the ball. Life tosses us the ball. We catch it and toss it back. We are receptive and responsive. We are in the moment-- but it's all pretty casual.