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On Clutter

Few things are as distracting-- and destructive-- as clutter in your home environment. It is hard to have clarity when you are living amid rubble. Clearing up your space gives you room for new thoughts. Clutter can be tackled in small amounts. Try fifteen-minute cleanups. You will be amazed at the difference in your psyche. Where before you felt frustrated, you will now find yourself feeling optimism.



4 Comments on "On Clutter"

  1. I feel stressed for time. I do 15 min cleaning, 15 min walk, 20 min drawing (indulging myself!) and…the clutter just keeps building up. It feels so futile, and frustrating. All I can do is just try another 15 min here, another 15 min there.

  2. Profile photo of Sherry Edmunds-Flett

    a great resource on clutter and the 15 minute rule is flylady.net
    I am a flybaby…

  3. lol .. its so good to have your thoughts of just an hour ago .. thoughts that may not be that pleasant to contemplate .. but a thought about something you would benefit tremendously by listening to and acting on .. repeated by someone else .. possibly God trying to get my attention .. AGAIN .. thankyou to Julia for being the person to deliver that message ..
    15 minutes doesnt seem that hard .. making the decision to do it can seem even harder ..

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