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Walking on my treadmill daily, I have made a practice of reading while I walk. I am currently reading my own memoir, Floor Sample. I'm hoping to see what I can learn from reviewing my life as one long, narrative thread. I'm currently in a sad section-- my divorce from Mark Bryan. It strikes me that what was good about it was very good, and what was bad about it was very bad. In the book, I am living alone.

I say the same prayers for guidance today as I did then-- and believe that I am guided-- at least a snippet at a time.

5 Comments on "Reflection"

  1. Just finished that book last week. Awesome and brave! Loved it!

  2. Hi Julia

    Just found your site through Facebook after digging out your fab ‘Artist’s Way’ book to chat about in my radio show this morn.

    Loving how easy it is to connect with other authors and get inspiration online these days.

    Amazing book – I bought it over 12 years ago in a little store in Jerusalem.


  3. Profile photo of Violet Singleton

    I found the book totally absorbing. It brought me back to connecting with your website and then the course. ‘When the pupil is ready the teacher will appear’. I cannot remember where I found that passage but it is so appropriate for me. Thank you Julia for so much inspiration and guiding me to the next step.

  4. Profile photo of Anna Christine Linder

    I love people stories. Looking forward to reading Floor Samples. Since I started the JC Live course, I have been thinking about my story. My image is a three ring blue binder with white tabs…these tabs will have people and events. I have made a Lifebook, a photo book of my life but it is not enough. Photos are great but I need words to get to the core me. So today, I will get my blue binder and white tabs together and start thinking about my story. JCLive is adding to the quality of my life…this is the first time I have blogged. A lot of firsts: Artist’s Date to the local art museum and another to the local music store. I have been playing the piano for 10 days…me playing the piano. Amazing! Thanks.

  5. Floor Sample was absolutely riveting. I stayed in bed all day to read it! Believe me, it’s a long time since a book has had that effect on me. What an extraordinary life you have had to date, Julia. What I particularly loved about it is that it has restored my faith in destiny. I don’t have any trouble believing in God, but I was becoming cynical about destiny, boy did you blow that right out of the water! I would love so much and hope and pray one day to meet you, Julia. You are a wonderfully creative and generous guiding spirit, not to mention a brilliant writer and artist. May God continue to bless you and us with your work.

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