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Inner Compass

The changes in our life must come from the impossibility to live otherwise than according to the demands of our conscience. -Leo Tolstoy


Each of us has an inner compass. Its voice calls us to our highest good. Sometimes it requires that we altar a longstanding but stifling situation. It is difficult to face the severing or alteration of a relationship, even when we know such change is for the highest good. Faced with a divorce or separation, faced with the need to terminate a longstanding friendship, I must remind myself that sometimes the most loving involvement is a non-involvement. It is tempting, always, to try to go back, to hold onto what once was, rather than face what that relationship has now become.

I resolve with a loving heart to accept appropriate endings. I do not grasp at straws when the reality is difficult but clear. Instead, I release the past, bless it, and turn with resolution toward the future. I listen to the dictates of my conscience, knowing that its voice calls me home.

Today I place my humble heart in universal care, asking for healing and direction.