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I Voice the Universe in an Original Way

I bring to life a unique and powerful voice. My insights and perceptions are important blessings. Voicing my insights and perceptions is important to the world. I am an irreplaceable individual whose gifts benefit all. Owning my gifts, inhabiting and expanding them are my gifts to the world and those with whom I share it. As I become larger, more colorful and more truly myself, I create for others the realization that it is safe for them to become larger, more vibrant, more fully alive. Moving upward and outward in a spirit of creative community, I am noncompetitive and truly collaborative, growing larger myself while helping others to achieve their true size as well. The cosmic web is alive with greater and greater consciousness, larger and brighter possibilities. As I extend my hand in my immediate world, I alter and enlarge the benevolence of the world as a whole. My every action is sweet and significant. Knowing this, I consciously and creatively act for the highest good. My unique voice and consciousness bless all.

-from Blessings