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Week 2: I Love

Fill in the following sentence twenty times:

I love...

6 Comments on "Week 2: I Love"

  1. 1. I love feeling summer rain on my face and palms.
    2. I love the joy of being a Mama
    3. I love my husbands humour
    4. I love his ability to make me laugh
    5. I love the cuteness of my baby
    6. I love the revelation I get in the morning pages
    7. I love the insights I’m given
    8. I love understanding – it means being able to implement in a practical way my insights and revelation.
    9. I love my fresh flowers in my friends gifted vase
    10. I love good friends to share the journey with
    11. I love sitting on hills overlooking water
    12 I love swimming at the beach
    13. I love collecting blessed water from clean sea
    14 I love setting people free, watching the shift that occurs when they come into a new found freedom
    15 I love my extended family – their quirks, weirdness, whack behaviour and all
    16 I love the teachers God brings my way
    17 I love most of them
    18 I love my watering heart, to be grateful most of the time
    19 I love prayer
    20 I love birds song

  2. Amanda Smith says:

    1. I love walking
    2. I love concept paintings
    3. I love old 1800 prints
    4. I love superheros
    5. I love the world
    6. I love Thanksgiving
    7. I love my mom
    8. I love my kitty cat and my hamster
    9. I love my next paycheck
    10. I love action movies
    11. I love my new curtains
    12. I love getting things done in the morning
    13. I love my car
    14. I love my dad
    15. I love my friends, oh the drama, but I don’t want to lose any of them
    16. I love my apartment
    17. I love the people I work with
    18. I love the stories I want to write and finish
    19. I love the characters, the ones vulnerable and strong
    20. I love today

  3. 1)I love my children.
    2) I love making things.
    3)I love clean sheets.
    4) I love my husbands laid backness and the way he stays calm when I’m freaking out.
    5)I love the evening light.
    6)I love the music of George Harrison.
    7)I love the feel of clay in my hands.
    8) I love handmade roof tiles in the morning sun.
    9)I love cello music.
    10)I love the sound of my son playing his cello.
    11)I love birdwatching.
    12)I love the thrill of finding a new bird.
    13)I love getting a drawing just right.
    14)I love the new insights derived from doing The Artists Way.
    15)I love it when I’ve made new connections and perceived synchronicities.
    16)I love seeing my children happy and finding their own ways.
    17)I love warm coastal fog.
    18)I love the thrill of going somewhere new.
    19)I love the chuckle of Fieldfares.
    20)I love the feeling of giving a friend a present that is just right for them,

  4. I love music
    I love my boyfriend
    I love beauty
    I love fresh air, the outdoors
    I love running outdoors
    I love the sunshine
    I love the smell of fresh flowers in the springtime
    I love birds
    I love sweetness
    I love love
    I love luxury
    I love travelling
    I love people
    I love the sound of the ocean
    I love the sun
    I love infrared sauna
    I love massages
    I love hot baths
    I love freedom
    I love endless things

  5. Profile photo of Jill Van Buskirk

    I love travel
    I love writing
    I love flying
    I love jewelry designing
    I love doing literature searches
    I love being free of troubles
    I love deciding
    I love changing my mind
    I love endless choices
    I love potential
    I love my home
    I love my kitties
    I love my Birdy
    I love warm bright sunlight
    I love walking
    I love Jazzercise
    I love sound sleep
    I love cookies
    I love losing weight
    I love buying clothes

  6. Anna Burvenich says:

    I love to say nothing when I feel there is a thrill in the air I don’t want to disturb
    I love to stand at the beach and feel the overwhelming ongoing motion of the water
    I love all the colors and contrasts of nature
    I love the instant connection you feel with some people, as if you have met this person before in another lifetime, as if he is part of your soul
    I love to do crazy things, before thinking too rational about it,
    I love to cross borders, and when I have crossed one, the awareness of it
    I love the difference in the difference
    I love to watch movies which take me in another world, so I can let go this life for a while
    I love to read books who do the same
    I love to play with words and invent new ones, most of the existing words are boring
    I love to read everything I see on buildings in foreign languages out loud to hear my voice stumble on pronunciations it has never practiced before
    I love the feeling of receiving a gentile gesture of the person I love
    I love the sence of the air in the early morning when you wake up in a tent and inhale the first breath of fresh air
    I love the sun going under, behind mountains while being on a mountain
    I love to watch the milky-way and wandering how many people are staring with me on that exact moment
    I love the feeling of complete emptiness
    I love to watch flames of a fire, sitting around it with friends, not really overhearing conversations but comfortable with the stumbling of their voices
    I love my own imagination
    I love my twin sister
    I love love, all of it, the good, the bad, the struggling, the falling, the getting out of a problem, the getting into a problem, the learning, the mischief, the courage it takes, the wounds it makes…

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