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You Feel Yourself Separate

You feel yourself separate. You fear yourself small. You see the world as large and threatening. I tell you, you are wrong. You are a part of me and I am very large. You are as large as you need to be to face your problems. You are larger than you know. Name your problem and bring it to me. Already, it is smaller. I am larger than your cares, larger than your woes. I am almighty, infinite, all reaching. Nothing that you bring to me overwhelms me.

It is all a matter of perspective. To me, you are large and your problems are small. You are what I am focused upon. You are the point of my loving concern. I am an in-finite power. I have all the strength, all the wisdom, all the grace you need. Nothing you bring to me is too much for me. It gives me joy to grapple with your difficulties. I delight in solving your problems. Your difficulties are my toys. It is child's play for me to untangle your life. I take pleasure in helping you.

For me, you are never separate, never small. I made this world as my gift to you. It is my joy when you enjoy it, when you feel safe and secure. This is my intention for you always. Take comfort in me as your creator and your protector. You are my own.

Excerpted from Answered Prayers – pg 45-6

2 Comments on "You Feel Yourself Separate"

  1. Thankyou!!! Perspective has been my word for the week. Synchronicity has been gifted. I have worked through TAW a number of times off and on for 15 years. Four weeks ago finished the 12 weeks while working on painting series for a show. I never did that before and it was the most nurturing thing I have ever done. Well those paintings were exhibited and now I feel like I am starting over again. I feel a disconnect from the world, but every time I do the morning pages and read out of the TAW, I feel a connection. Thankyou for this gift, I cannot tell you, how much you have helped me through a difficult time, but I am now in my 4th week again, it is more difficult this time, but I keep doing it. The above words, have encouraged me to take another step. You are a blessing, and I appreciate the gift you share
    with so many people. Thankyou!!

  2. Profile photo of Emat2011

    Thank you very much for every thing you do, dear Julia! Your mission in God is greatest on the earth!

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