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Our Griefs Tempt Us to Isolation

Give us the grace and strength to forbear

and to persevere . . .

and give us courage . . .

and the quiet mind . . .

--Robert Louis Stevenson


Our griefs tempt us to isolation. Our sorrows lead us toward secrecy. The wounded heart is reluctant to show itself, fearful in its vulnerability of being wounded anew. The great mystery is that in connection lies our protection. In openness we find our shield. The soul is a field of wind-tossed grasses, touched alike by sun and snow. Sharing our trials lessens our burdens. Baring our secrets brings us solace and peace.

Today, I step forward out of isolation. I communicate to someone my heart's truth + I lay aside my defenses and allow my heart to be seen unshadowed by secrets or by sorrow. As I reveal myself, I am seen and accepted; I am protected and healed.

Excerpted from Transitions – pg 156 –7