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See the Beauty that Surrounds You

You turn a blind eye on the beauty that surrounds you. You are focused on harsh, unpleasant things. You call your focus realism. You cling to it like a barnacle to a rock. Listen to me. Allow my voice to reach your stubborn ears. This earth is beautiful. There is at least as much beauty and generosity as selfishness and hatred. What you call realism is pessimism. You refuse to see the good. Of course you do. You have a broken heart. Bring it to me. Let me heal its anguish. You are afraid to hope. You have been hurt and disappointed in the past. You do not trust me. You do not trust the good.

Come near me. Let me speak to you plainly. It is true. Terrible things happen. Horrible events come to pass, but they are not my fault. I have gifted mankind with freedom. Sometimes that freedom is abused. This grieves me as it grieves your but it is not, by far, the whole story. Every day, everyplace I look, goodness is afoot. It comes to the cities, where it may appear as a smile among strangers, the kindly offer of unexpected help. It comes to the country and villages, where neighbors seek to assist one another through hard times. Kindness is always just as visible as the cruelty you choose to see. Your eye does the beholding. I say to you, this is a beautiful world. Choose to see it so.

"See the Beauty that Surrounds You" from Answered Prayers, page 99-100.