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“Too Much” Creativity?

I often have students who ask how to cope with “too much” creativity. Often, when we begin a creative recovery, the “backlog” of creative energy and ideas can feel overwhelming as we unblock the channel and experience the intense rushing in of the creative dreams that have been waiting for us.

When a student tells me they have “too much” creativity—that they wake up each morning with hundreds of ideas and don’t know how to sort it all out—the first thing I ask is whether they are doing Morning Pages. Morning Pages sort our thoughts, prioritize our ideas. Look back to the Basic Tools: Morning Pages, Artist’s Dates and Walks. Are you practicing them consistently?

When we do practice these tools consistently, we will find we indeed have a great deal of creative energy, but also that we are organized. We do know what the “next right thing” is that we should be doing.

I also remind my students that having “too many ideas,” while sometimes uncomfortable, is truly a luxury problem. Be grateful! The tools are working! Consistency with the basic tools will bring creative energy as well as guidance and direction. It is, over time, possible to accomplish everything.